Pricing Structure

We take a hands-on, personal approach to organizing. We can work with you side by side, or work independently to help you de-clutter and set up organizing systems that are custom-designed for your space and needs. We work efficiently and non-judgmentally and can handle the entire organizing process or, just focus on the areas where you need the most help. We will also teach you how to effectively use these systems so it will be easy for you to stay organized in the future.

Initial Phone Consultation

[No Charge]

Our home organizing initial consultation is free and, for your convenience, we conduct it over the phone, Facebook video or via Skype. We have a series of questions to ask about your home organizing needs. But don’t worry, there are no wrong answers and we are judgment free! The purpose is preliminary and want to determine if our professional organizing service is a match with what you are seeking help for! You can even email us the photos of your project or space for our review prior to our phone consultation [email: ].

Jump Start

[2 Hours – $100]

The Jump Start is perfect when you want to complete a small project that is targeted and specific or get a “jump start” on a larger project. This two-hour session includes a walk-through of your space, an assessment of your organizing needs plus hands-on organizing and de-cluttering. We also provide you with ideas, concepts and product recommendations!

All Hands On Deck

[4 Hour Minimum – $300]

An OUT OF THE CHAOS PROFESSIONAL will physically assist with your de-cluttering and organization, whether it is working side by side with you or independently. Working as a team with us can sometimes help make the experience of getting organized more enjoyable. Our approach is based on sensitivity to your needs, discretion to maintain your privacy and respect for your possessions. Your outcome will be an organized and clutter free space. You’ll receive guidance and motivation until your project is complete.

There is a four-hour minimum for our all hands-on-deck appointments, so that we’ll have enough time to dig in and get your project started. During that that span of time, we can usually purge a hall closet or bathroom, clean out and reorganize a set of kitchen cabinets, or get started on overhauling or creating a filing system. You can choose whichever small/medium area you wish to conquer, and we will equip you with the organizing tools and solutions to get it under control!

Supply Shopping

[Pricing Varies]

Purchasing containers and other organizing supplies is the final step of the organizing process. Before purchasing supplies, we must first determine which items are most important to you, which items you need the easiest access to and those items you can part with. Once we’ve sorted, we’ll assign a space for each of your treasures. This is the point where supplies would be purchased. While we usually arrive with items required, there are instances where it is necessary to shop for specialty items for you at our hourly rate.

Time Estimates

[Varies by Project Requirements & Other Factors]

Time estimates are not guaranteed and are not typically provided since many variables can affect the time required. Some variables include your individual goals, interruptions that require your attention (telephone calls, pets, visitors, etc.), work needing to be performed between organizing sessions, the conditions and size of the space to be organized, your need for breaks and, most importantly, how quickly you make decisions!